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01/07-04/13 -Interviewing, Hosting Professional

  • Hosted, Hollywood christmas parade, showcases, award shows

  • Interviewed over 1500 celebrities and buisness professionals

01/07-05/13 -Ceo Founder WTV Networks, EWB

  • Viral Marketing, Pr, Production, Content Development
  • Journalism, Blogging, Hosting, SEO, Social Media
  • Target Marketing, Commercials, Broadcasting

I'm a 4 time award winning entrepretainer that specializes in positioning clients and advertisers with my relationship equity which I have been told is worth billions! i've been published by numerous publications as 1 of the top ten influencers in the world on social media. My company is eZWay Broadcasting, INC which has a unique approach many try and duplicate when brand developing, marketing and acquiring sponsors. Learn More



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