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Jack Sullivan

Board member NAPTE

Larry Namer

Co-Founder E! .

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Maxim Model/Cover Model Actress           Former director of the Golden

Globes/Awards show producer

Vanessa Rey                                                  Chris Donovan                                         


These are most likely copied messages that have come in from Twitter or Facebook or LinkIn copied and pasted.


Good morning EZ,

From Barbara Holland (Award Winning Writer)

I am so happy for all the success you have been achieving.  You have definitely helped so many people just by your Hollywood site alone.  I’ve met quite a few friends on here that have helped me with my art gallery, thank you so much.
The award-winning writer is Sergio Cosentino.  He is currently completing a movie in Italy, and will be returning back to L.A. August. 20th.  Do you know Madeleine Smithberg, she writes for top shows like the Daily Show, and has does Letterman as well.  She’s a big fan of Sergio as well.  How would you like me to introduce some of his work to you, through a meeting perhaps when he returns.  Let me know what you are thinking so I can better assist you.  I’m looking forward to seeing you again and hopefully working together.
Best regards,
Barbara Hollander

Award winning writer
From Kaitlan Welton & Wes Ramsey Stars of new series The PlayBoy Club on NBC


I love you Eric you are the best ever at what you do!





























Maria Telleria

Thank you EZ for your Help and I’m looking forward to coming down to your Radio Talk Show to do a bit of my Zumba Swag … GET ON EZ Twitter Page if you haven’t , day & Night at our Time he has all the Updates & News that we need ,,,

James Duval Founder (Continuum Pictures)

Okay everyone on the EZ Way announcement: Continuum Pictures is now on the Paramount lot. I know we will be seeing many o you, especially since we will and are working with EZ. Good luck to everyone. I hope we can make this work for all of our friends.

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Young MackHIT UP EZ he is THE BEST at viral marketing and will DEF help your business!!! YM

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MariaTZumba Maria Telleria

@ericzuley You’re Simply The Best and without EZ it’s just not fun and All is done the hard way,,Get with it and join @ericzuley



Anime for the stars

Thank you for all your help you have really done some amazing branding so far! You truly are connected. Thanks for your time!


Elizabeth Schell
There is only one Multimedia Mega Mogul and that is Eric Zuley (the real one) and he is on this list

Profile Pictures
By: Eric Zuley
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Kestebray Music to me

show details 5:56 AM (0 minutes ago)

Dear Eric,

We are eternally grateful to you!  You made the event such a success!  Thank you very very very much.
Here is the talent list.  Please forward to the photographer.  Thanks!

Destenee Mckenzie

Noemi Torres

Kestebray Music Group, LLC


Jade Rawlins

Cali Swag District- Got real talent! Hopefully I will sing on a track one day:), thank you Eric Zuley aka EZ’s Official Fan Page for the introduction to Hollywood the EZ Way! — with Parris Harris and 4 others at La Vida.

Profile Pictures
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Jade Rawlins Eric you are absolutely Amazing…Thank you for showing me the ropes in Hollywood, you truly are a master of networking!!! I look forward to working with your amazing business:)! I am proud to learn the EZ Way in Hollywood!3 hours ago · Like

Eric Zuley


Fashion Minga is a collaboration of designers, performers, and taste-makers coming together to celebrate fashion. On Tuesday Victorian Chalaya gave us a preview of their upcoming October show, and she also brought Samba dancers! Check out the fashion show and the dancers in the media player.
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Daniela BrazilThank Eric!! U were the one making the conexion !!! Big Kisses!!

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Eric Zuley‎(Wink)

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Jarvee Hutcherson (President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association & American Society of young musicians)

We are proud to have our board member ERIC ZULEY “The Hardest Working Man In Hollywood” doing it “The EZ Way” Eric will be a presenter at the Oscar Luncheon this year! Be sure to check out his movement www.theezshow.comThe Multicultural Motion Picture Association. For more

19th Annual MMPA Oscar Week Student Filmmaker’s Scholarship Luncheon

Gordon River

had my first hosting job with ed magik yesterday. I hosted his show at the Beauties of Business International. I was really nervous at first but after talking to the 20th super model I was able to flow pretty good with questions. I hope Im as good at giving interviews as you someday.


Jarvee Hutcherson via Eric Zuley

We are proud to announce that Lamborghini Gold will be the official Champagne for the 19th Annual MMPA Oscar Week Luncheon! Thanks to Eric Zuley, board member of the MMPA. Thanks to Ron Goldberg, Lamborghini Gold Champagne! For more information:

Lamborghini Gold Champagne Sponsors The EZ Show

Yes guys Lamborghini is coming out with a new high end high caliber champagne called Lamborghini Gold. They want to do it “The EZ Way” I have been friend wit…


Tomel Griggs Jr

The Jack Story Project would like to welcome EZ on board as Co-Producer and Actor. We look forward to working with you.
The Jack Story Project is doing it the EZ WAY!!!!
A film about Redemption and Change….
That one night stranded in the desert changed my life forever, I had to make a Choice!!!

A.M.X. shared a link.

Lots of love to Ambiance Magazine and Eric Zuley aka EZ’s Official Fan Page for this cover! Check it out! AMAG created by ambiancemagazineinc based on my-lil-collection-2011823-v2
, , HOME Spring , , AMBI’ANCE MAGAZINE , Southern California’s Hottest Fashion & Entertainment Magazine White , ,
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Ycb Domag


I have to say this because EZ even though he is one of the most sought after men on the planet right now. If you’re blessed to know him you will find that he is one of the most wonderful men I know he is humble, down to earth he can be shrewd as a snake and gentle as a dove in business and his relationships with people. But from the time I have known him he has been one of the biggest blessings God could have ever given me. He has a Rolex of numbers of some of the most influential people there is and all you need to say is I need he simply says hold on and before you know it your talking to the President ( smile) “Not really” “but am just saying” it feels like that. I love you Eric and thank you for all that you do you are outstanding in every way. God’s best and Many Many Blessings, I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship and friendship.


Ycb D


Lets hear what Co-Founder of E! Entertainment Larry Namer had to say

Larry Namer: “Eric has a very genuine way about him, First he is out there and everything going on (in Hollywood) he has hand in… he represents young Hollywood and young pop culture.  I felt that Chinese culture could relate to him and his way of telling stories.”


Lets hear what NAPTE Board Member and owner of HOT TALK LA had to say

Jack Sullivan:    “Eric Zuley and his EZ movement represent to me, a new trend in new media which is people getting together and trying finding ways to duplicate the old studio systems, distribution methods of Hollywood, local and national television… finding an easier way to connect to people who once were only behind closed doors, and only available through a gate keeper. Eric’s method for finding people, connecting them, creating projects, is going to be the new model for the media division.”Richard Shouse:  “What’s Eric Zuley’s appeal to you?”Jack Sullivan: “Eric’s appeal to me is multifaceted. First being, He is very accessible and he is just a regular guy. it is nice be able to talk to somebody who actually knows the business, inside and out and comes across not as a Hollywood insider but just as a regular guy. What is also appealing about it is it’s a very simple method to meet, connect and create projects that you can produce. It’s a great a new way of taking the next step to reach the next level in your career in Hollywood or just breaking in.”

Mindy Robinson

Please check out and like these sites Eric is the shit!!!!

[Famous Entrepreneurs] Famous Entrepreneurs ‏@ECFamousEntrepr

@ericzuley - Congrats! You made our list of the August 2012 Top 100 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter -




[BarBara Whorley Crawford]

3 hours ago

BarBara Whorley Crawford

Hello Eric,

We met over a year ago while at the Palms Hotel, I was there for the Perfect Business conf, you were there to judge a beauty contest. I was walking by and one of your friends started a conversation with me about why I was at the event. We chatted about the interesting work you do with WTV and how I train Troops and their families how to reduce symptoms of Anxiety and PTSD. I was asked this last December to move my company Emotional Self Sufficiency to Fort Hood Texas to work with the Soldiers here and their families. I am an alternative method from usual cognitive therapy with psychologist and medication.
The Col of the 3d Cavalry asked me to move my office here so I said yes as this is my passion. I do all my work Pro Bono for our Troops as I believe they already paid the price.

My reason for contacting you is I was recently contacted my a friend who wanted to know if I could help market an event happening in LA in Sept. It is a music event and since this is your areana I thought of you.
In my past life I would help promote and connect individuals to success.
Being you are King of connections as I have followed your work, I had to bring this event to you and see if it was of interest and if you would assist Donna Stoering and Listen for Life events.

Thank you for your time to read this and consider this project.


BarBara (Whorley) Crawford
Emotional Self Sufficiency
949 933 0915

#TheFoundation ‏@JohnDivon

@ericzuley <——- This man is on the Grind and Growing all of the time- Doing big things– Best Wishes to you Eric Zuley



Hello I’m Rob Lichtenberger aka shydog Former VP of Shydog Productions/Konlive.  Just wanted to say something about Mr Eric Zuley aka Ez. I have known this man for about 6 years now while I was working on one of shydog productions artist named Jason Miller. During this time I have learned alot about the social media world Ez has showed me the way that he calls doing it the ez way!! His guidance that he has given me during that time, helped me to be where I’m at today from being a middle man, to now making major moves in this music business with my artist Jd Greer. If anyone gets a chance to work with Eric aka EZ, all I will say is shut up, listen and take notes. Ez your like a brother and you have my respect!!!!
thank you
Rob Lichtenberger
aka Shydog


Irving C Spivak

3 minutes ago

Hi everyone….if you did not already know I am an actor…. being an actor is the job I always wanted to do because,I’m very good at it I’m a natural,but it takes alot more than knowing how to act to become a big inspiratio

nal successful movie television star actor,you also need to know how to market yourself and to be connected with the right successful people in entertainment,no one becomes successful without a great team by their side and you all have to work together as a team. I highly recommend that everyone in acting and entertainment likes this great page http// please also always support my great talented,inspirational, hardworking,kind,loving and generous successful friend Eric Zuley…. who also loves loves God and believes in God like I do. Thank you everyone for your kindness,love and support. God bless you and best wishes forever,

Irving C. Spivak


Pamela Bach Hasselhoff

Hollywood It Guy

Very connected individual in the entertainment/business field. Connector, Host, Blogger, Producer, Social Media Expert, Columnist,

Page: 117 like this

Pamela Bach Hasselfhoff (X-Wife to David Hasselhoff)

Rich Greenwood

Eric, you are the real deal. I am so lucky to know you and count you as a friend. The world is better with you in it.


Jana Fleming

In response to the apparent stalker on Eric’s page, I’d just like to say that Eric has done a wonderful thing for me personally. He is using his connections to make a dream come true for my little girl. Thank you Eric! God bless you and keep doing what you do!

Jana Fleming Unbelievable! Thank you Eric!!!! You are so amazing for doing this for Cooper. You have a huge heart


Tweet from Actor that plays the Blue Ranger on Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Super Samurai

Najee De-Tiege ‏@NajeeDeTiege 16 Apr

@ericzuley You my Good friend anything you Talkin about must be Legit, contact me anytime !


This was a email from the mom of a little girl in Canada

- Power Ranger obsession started just after she turned 3.
- had a full blown power ranger birthday party in January (none of the other little girls had a clue what was going on lol)
- LOVES superheroes – Spider-Man, Avengers, Ironman, but her favourite is the Blue Ranger

- We asked her over a year ago what she would like to do for our first family vacation. She said she wanted to see the Power Rangers and meet the Blue Ranger.
After a month or so of trying to find where the Rangers do meet and greets, we started giving her other offers, even Disneyland.
She was steadfast that the Rangers were her first choice and Disneyland didn’t have the Rangers.

Things we tried:

- looking for autograph sessions
- contacting PowerMorphicon several times
- no replies
- flowing websites for all things power rangers
- emailing every power ranger site we could find
- messaging every power ranger individually
- problem here is you don’t know if its their    site/profile or if a fan made it
- talking to online fans to see if they had any clues

Finally, I found Eric doing an interview with Najee an noticed his comment on the youtube video that they are friends. So started following Eric.

Sent Eric a Facebook message and within a few days had a response! Emailed as he asked and within a day or two got a call from the show!

I tried for a year to find out where we could go meet Najee. Eric got us in contact within a week.

We are from Alberta, Canada. We live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan during the school year as I am in law school.


Jaira Valenti via Eric Zuley aka EZ’s Official Fan Page

21 seconds ago ·

Eric Zuley is an amazing Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Social Media Guru, Actor and amazing guy! Jaira Valenti living life the EZ WAY and loving it! Check him out!


Rich Greenwood ‏@IdeasForSale 1h

@ericzuley you are the connector of connectors!


















Eric Zuley, president Jarvee Hutcherson, Co-Founder of E! Larry Namer Holding my award we presented to him.


[Tweet testimonials]

Jaira Valenti


2 hours ago
Whats going on with me, what events will I be attending, all the good, bad and the ugly and as always the positive and driving force of my life! Empowering others to never give up their dreams, shoot for the stars all is possible with faith and it doesent hurt to have an amazing Social Media Guru Eric Zuley on your side! Life is awesome when you live it the EZ Way!
Follow me on Twitter to be updated on the Rollercoaster, I call my life, hang on baby!!!!! Wooo Hooo
Jaira Valenti (jairavalenti) on Twitter
The latest from Jaira Valenti (@jairavalenti). Jaira Valenti Professional Actress, Producer,Writer, Casting L.A California Celebrity. Hollywood, L.A., California
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